Fanuc M-1iA/0.5A Robot

Fanuc M 1iA 0.5ALightweight delta robot

Incredibly versatile and nimble, the Fanuc M-1iA/0.5A robot achieves excellent work rates on complex component assembly operations. Capable of working at any angle, this is the perfect choice for applications (such as robotic assembly and robotic picking) that demand flexibility and a high level of repeatability.

Robot specifications
Fanuc M-1iA/0.5A Robot
Controlled Axes 6
MaxLoad Capacity At Wrist [kg] 0.5
Repeatability [mm] 0.02
Mechanical Weight [kg] 17
Reach [mm] 280
Motion Range [°]      J1 -
J2 -
J3 -
J4 720
J5 300
J6 720
Maximum Speed [°/s]      J1 -
J2 -
J3 -
J4 1440
J5 1440
J6 1440
Mounting Method Floor, Ceiling, Angle