Fanuc M-10iA/10M Robot

Fanuc M 10iA 10MHigh inertia speed machine

With the best payload and inertia in its class, the Fanuc M-10iA/10M robot delivers improved throughput and optimised cycle times combined with extreme versatility thanks to its 6 axis design. Boasting the highest wrist moments and inertia in its class, this model makes light work of automating payloads up to 10 kg.

Robot specifications
Fanuc M-10iA/10M Robot
Controlled Axes 6
MaxLoad Capacity At Wrist [kg] 10
Repeatability [mm] 0.08
Mechanical Weight [kg] 130
Reach [mm] 1422
Motion Range [°]      J1 360
J2 250
J3 445
J4 400
J5 280
J6 720
Maximum Speed [°/s]      J1 225
J2 205
J3 225
J4 420
J5 420
J6 700
Mounting Method Floor, upside-down, wall & angle mount